About Aspire fire & safety

When you choose ASPIRE fire & safety, its choosing the right products, right solution and service in line with your budget. Emergencies are unpredictable, that’s why we are here playing a vital role in making the world safer.

Our Strategy : Minimise the opportunities of threat and increase detection level.

Our approach : "What can go wrong / The failures", "Severity of the failure" "What is the current controls to detect the failure".

Solution : Detect the failure, document and report. With Our state-of-art 24 / 7 monitoring station with skilled executives we ensure failures are not just detected at the site, but reported in time to avert casualities. We ensure your home and loved ones are secured when you are away. Our Solutions ensure increase in business profits and employee productivity. With our consultant approach we can clearly establish your present security level and design a solution to increase the detection level to a mimimum of 95%. There is no greater or a wiser investment than to protect your loved ones and physical assets

!!! Please don’t live in the perception that you are safe, leave it to the experts to assess that. Call us on 91-80-26484428 for a FREE SECURITY SURVEY !!!